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ISA Calgary Show | Digital Energy Ready
Spring 2026
BMO Centre at Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

The ISA Calgary Show Conference has assembled a distinguished gathering of Canadian and global technical experts and industry leaders, who will gather to unveil and deliberate upon cutting-edge innovations and processes in instrumentation, systems, and automation. The conference will be a unique platform for automation professionals to learn from real-world scenarios related to implementation, share lessons about planning, project management and successful ROI and to keep pace with the rapid developments and shifting trends within the dynamic landscape of this ever-evolving industry.

Spanning three rooms, the conference will showcase technical solutions from around the world with 25 individual technical presentations representing over 20 companies and organizations covering 4 focused technical categories. The conference also includes engaging interactive sessions in the form of a roundtable discussion covering automation workforce development and a panel session delving into how the industry can attract and develop talent.


  • 3 full days of exciting, relevant and industry curated technical content that is functional, cutting edge and covering the most important challenges and solutions in automation.
  • Full coverage of integrated automation sector, brought to you by the best experts: With big names like Fluor Canada Ltd., Schneider Electric, CIMA, Bosch and many more.
  • Meaningful and fun networking opportunities which includes the Networking Reception on the first evening.
  • More than just a conference – access more than 100+ exhibits. Learn from industry experts and same day touch, feel and work with the actual technology on the ISA Calgary Show exhibition.
  • Exclusive Access to the Full Digital Technical Library – missed a technical session or want to reference it when you get home? You will have up to 6 months after the conference to access presentations and papers submitted for distribution.

Technical Conference Themes

The conference technical categories covers a broad spectrum, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of key facets of automation:

Automation Project Management & Execution

The Automation Project Management & Execution track will showcase the significant advancements automation brings to well completions, particularly emphasizing the role of PC-based control systems in boosting operator efficiency. Presentations will delve into seamless transitions to online control systems, stressing the importance of smooth migration for ongoing operational success. Moreover, the sessions will explore the justification and implementation phases of automation upgrades, underlining the imperative to extract maximum value from industrial automation initiatives. Additionally, attendees will gain valuable insights into fundamental sampling rules and strategies to address common deficiencies in grab sampling processes, ensuring precise and reliable data collection to optimize operational performance.

Presenting companies include Automated Rig Technologies Ltd., CIMA, SATEC Engineered Controls Ltd., Swagelok and more.

Digital Field Instrumentation

In the Digital Field Instrumentation track, presentations focus on enhancing accuracy and reliability in field instrumentation systems. "Accuracy & The Tower of Babel" delves into the challenges and solutions surrounding accuracy in instrumentation, addressing the discrepancies that arise in data interpretation. Meanwhile, "Emergency Shutdown Valves: Transition from Limit Switches to Transmitters, Reduce Cost and Improve Reliability" discusses the transition from traditional limit switches to transmitters for emergency shutdown valves, emphasizing cost reduction and reliability improvement. These presentations collectively highlight the importance of precision and efficiency in field instrumentation practices.

Presenting companies include Fluor Canada Ltd. and Summit Valve and Controls


Digital Transformation and New Technologies

The Digital Transformation and New Technologies track offers insights into various aspects of leveraging technology for business resilience and efficiency. They cover topics such as the digital journey towards energy management and carbon accounting, emphasizing the importance of adopting innovative approaches. Additionally, they explore the application of predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI to prevent downtime of critical equipment, enhancing operational reliability. Furthermore, attendees will learn about machine learning's role in optimizing coagulant usage at drinking water treatment plants, improving process efficiency. Other presentations address challenges in integrating operational data for accounting purposes and provide a closer examination of advanced alarm management tools developed at the University of Alberta, offering valuable solutions for optimizing industrial processes.

Presenting companies include Ballycatter Group Inc., BlueMarvel, Bow River Solutions, Coagtech Ltd., Foresight Systems Group Inc. and more.



Industrial Control System (ICS) Security, Safety, and Risk Management

The Industrial Control System (ICS) Security, Safety, and Risk Management track addresses crucial aspects of safeguarding control systems. Presentations discuss innovative approaches to engineering security into control systems and provide insights into the current state of ICS security from a professional perspective. Attendees will also gain understanding of three-layered defense-in-depth cybersecurity designs, emphasizing the integration between information and operational technology. Moreover, discussions cover the implications of Bill C26 on control system cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and explore strategies for addressing common cause failures through definition, modeling, and mitigation techniques. Additionally, the track delves into encryption of data in operational technology, highlighting the importance of secure communication within control systems. Furthermore, presentations focus on cyber resilience using standard-based certified products and introduce new technology like PA TDL for advancements in H2S and H2O measurement, ensuring enhanced safety and efficiency in industrial operations.

Presenting companies include Bosch Global Software Technologies, Fluor Canada Ltd., Westech Industrial Ltd and more.

Panel Discussion

Attracting & Developing Talent: Meeting Industry Needs Today and Tomorrow

Join us for a focused panel discussion on the critical topic of talent acquisition and development in Alberta's evolving industries. Our panel will tackle key themes such as immediate hiring needs, effective recruitment strategies, nurturing talent through development programs, and enhancing industry engagement. We'll also explore innovative approaches to attract skilled professionals to Alberta and discuss ways to continuously develop skills to meet industry demands. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and contribute to shaping the future of talent in Canada.

Roundtable Discussion

Automation Workforce Development: Training, Execution, and Standards

Join our roundtable discussion which will cover training programs offered by ISA, industry, and colleges, project execution challenges, and the development of ISA platform standards. This is a unique opportunity to exchange insights and strategies for advancing automation workforce skills and standards.



Participating Companies Include